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 CV Screening!!

Send us a copy of your CV and one of our professional CV writers will assess it against a list of common pitfalls and email you with their suggestions as to how it could be improved and areas to focus on to ensure it is professional and can be viewed more positively by a prospective employer.

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CV Writing

Our Certified writers have the proven experience you need. We know that a well written resume will increase your chances of getting your new job and we are ready to craft a professional document to your precise needs. Get the job you deserve when you choose our professional writers and be confident of your chances for success.

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CV Editing

Our highly efficient CV editors check your document for every little detail that would have an impact on an employer like the quality of the language used. Also they ensure that your CV maintains a professional academic tone and style while paying attention to sentence structure, paragraph structure, and syntax to ensure fluidity and clarity.

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Cover Leter Writing

Our professional writers can craft a stand-out cover letter for you in the shortest time possible. Your writer will use your experience, unique strengths, and job target to compose a compelling letter that shows why you’re the perfect fit. We’ll make your cover letter truly shine – so you move on to the next step in the hiring process.

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Job Application

We apply for you directly to human resources emails of various mid-sized to large organization, as well as complete Job Sectors and Industries who will appreciate your educational background, goals, passion and your experience. Our approach is vigorous as we understand that companies are always looking even when they are not hiring.

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Social Media Profiling

Do you know which skills to use for your industry? How about which keywords to use when writing your profile? Our social meadia experts help you create a fully featured LinkedIn profile and help expand your network as well as cleaning up your social media platforms leaving you presentable and professional.

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about us

Saidika Placements is Kenya’s most popular Job hunting company, specializing in professional CV writing services, Cover letter writing, LinkedIn/Social media profile writing services and Job application services. Our CVs are carefully crafted to bring forth the best in your career skills and abilities and appeal to potential employers, rather than being just an uninspiring typed summary of an individual's basic information. Our team of consultants has a broad range of previous experience within recruitment and personnel management, enabling us to offer a service of the highest possible standard.

Our objective is nothing less than to prepare winning professional CVs for our clients, to maximise their chances of getting the jobs they want.

Who are our clients?

We provide services to everyone from new graduates looking to start their careers to those wanting a career switch and those individuals stepping up in their professional careers

What is our objective?

To help our clients prepare winning professional CVs, to excel at interviews, and to also get the jobs they want and deserve. To maintain the highest standards of service and to strive for a total 100% satisfaction. To listen to our clients , to respond, to adapt, and to accommodate their changing needs.

How can Saidika Placements help you?

Our writers understand better than anyone that a CV or cover letter must be written professionally. We know how to make it attractive to the potential employer. Showing the employer that you are the best candidate for a specific job position is easy when you choose Saidika Placements to write your cover letter.

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